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Baja Wrap-Up, Kind Of…

By pastorbillwalden

How To Greet A Yellowtail

How To Greet A Yellowtail

Hi friends,

Debbie and I arrived home safely Monday night about 11 p.m.  Since then I have been going non stop.  Somebody puh-leeze call the wam-bulance.  🙂

Our time in Baja was great. I was able to teach Romans 1-8 in the AViD program, and also teach the first 23 chapters of Passion And Purity, by Elisabeth Elliot.  The book has 43 chapters.  I highly recommend that every Christian read this book.  I wish I would have read it years ago.  It is a very well written book about sexual purity, but also speaks of the sanctity and the rightness of God given passion.  The book does get a bit more “transparent” in the later chapters.  Elisabeth shares the letters she received from Jim Elliot, and he describes his desire for her. Read more »



Baja Update, July 22

By pastorbillwalden

Hi Folks,

Another good evening last night.  I taught Romans 2, and we had a good discussion.

This morning, Romans 3 was a little tougher.  The Apostle Paul wrote and aimed high by the leading of the Spirit, and my obvious lack of apostolic gifting and insights were evident.  🙁  I’ve taught Romans three or four times before, but it all seemed new this morning.  We got through it, and nobody backslid, that I know of anyway. Read more »



Ministry In Baja, Summer 2008

By pastorbillwalden

Starting July 16, I will be in South Baja, Mexico for 20 out of 25 days.

Debbie and I depart July 16, and will be in Baja until July 28. We’ll spend the first few days with Gary and Keri Goo (missionaries from Napa) as we visit a pastor in a Pacific

Beach at San Juanico

San Juanico

coastal town called San Juanico.  Pastor Angel has been inviting me to visit his pueblo for a few years.  The town has about 10,000 habitantes, many of whom are Americans.  We may discover that God is showing us another area where we can bring mission teams to minister.  San Juanico is 4 hours south of Vizcaino if you take the washboard dirt road, or about 7 hours if you take the highway.  We are taking the highway.  🙂

From July 21-26, I will be teaching at AViD, a 28 day program for American students. Read more »