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Church Makeover #1

By pastorbillwalden

The building where we gather is going through a makeover.  

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be upgrading our video system to be totally digital.  For over 15 years, our worship gatherings have been recorded and broadcast on Channel 28, a local cable station in Napa.  We have been recording in an analog format, because that is the format that Channel 28 has been using.

The times are changing, and analog recording is all but being phased out.  Channel 28 is making the switch to digital, and so are we. This change of format will produce a better quality video.  We will be able to easily upload video recordings of our gatherings onto the internet, and we will also be able to livestream.  That means that people who cannot join us live for our gatherings, can stay home and watch us in real time via the internet.  We will also be able to provide dvd’s of our worship times to people who request them.

Handing a dvd to a friend is a great way to share Jesus, and much more engaging than giving them a cd.

The front the the church building is being modernized, as well as old windows replaced with new glass and coverings.  New lighting will be installed for the platform area, providing a better lighting environment for the videos, and brighter lighting will be installed in the sanctuary so that people can read more easily.

Below is a video update of progress as of May 2, 2011.  Keep checking back for more video updates, or check our facebook page at

Here is the video.