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Samuel Mason Walden Jr., War Veteran

By pastorbillwalden

As a kid, I wasn’t much interested in my dad’s war stories. 

I was more interested in being a pretend soldier than actually talking with a real veteran.

As a teenager and a young adult man, I was hopelessly self focused, and had little interest of things that didn’t directly pertain to me “right now”.

As the years pass, one can gain perspective, if they are fortunate and blessed by God.  I have been blessed by God in this area, and I have finally come to appreciate the fact that I stand on the shoulders of many great men.  Some are dead, and others, like my dad, are still alive.

My dad served in the Navy, and was on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania, a battleship.  You can read the history of the “Pennsie” here. He served in the South Pacific, and his ship was instrumental in the defeating of the Japanese forces.  His ship was in every critical battle fought in the South Pacific.

I have grown to appreciate the efforts of the generation older than me.  They have experience and wisdom that I would do well to listen to.

I won’t take a lot of time here to tell dad’s war stories.  Maybe I will some day.  Today I will simply say “thanks” to my dad for fighting to make my world a better place.  Thanks to all the men and women who served our country.

May we who never fought, appreciate the sacrifice and commitment that others have made, and from which we have benefited.

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