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Think It Through

By pastorbillwalden

A Barnes and Noble bookstore had this display up in their store. barnes_noble_display_sm1

They featured a number of books about President Barak Obama, but in the middle of the display, prominently featured a book on monkeys.

Some say that the arranged display was intended to be a backhanded insult to Obama, insinuating that he was a monkey, a kind of racial epithet.

Many in cyber space are objecting to this display, saying that “racism still exists in America”.

Undoubtedly, racism does still exist in America, and all over the world. The heart of man is wicked, so the Bible tells us. Racism is wrong, wherever and however it exists. God doesn’t see people according to color or political persuasion.

But let’s take it to the next level. It is just a question and a conjecture on my part, but here goes…

If typically, those who support Obama are what would be considered “liberals”, we know that many “liberals” believe in evolution, and that we evolved from monkeys.

If, and I say if, that is their conviction, that man has evolved, and that monkeys are our ancestors, then I wonder what the objection is in inferring that Obama is a monkey, or connected to monkeys? Is being called a monkey objectionable, when saying we descended from monkeys is acceptable?

In fact, wouldn’t it be a congratulatory event, that man has evolved from monkeys, even to the point that a descendant of the monkey (which could be any of us), is now President of the United States?

Now certainly, humans are far superior to monkeys. President Obama ought not be referred to as any kind of animal. He is a man, and he is our President, and deserves our respect and our prayers, regardless of our political or spiritual persuasion. Humans are vastly superior to monkeys, and President Obama is a very intelligent and gifted man.  To call him a monkey is an insult, if that is, indeed, what Barnes And Noble intended.  (that’s up for debate)

But there seems to be a distinct possibility that there is a bit of a double standard here. I think people need to think it through. Perhaps the knee jerk objection to the monkey connection needs to be viewed at a bit more objectively, not that I think we cam from monkeys. I don’t believe in evolution.

But if those who believe in evolution believe we came from monkeys…then a distant reference to our “distant cousins” isn’t such a bad thing, is it?  I say that tongue in cheek, and with no disrespect intended.

I hope you catch what I am trying to say. I mean no disrespect to our president. I understand what the “racial slur” implication is. But if….well…I hope you see what I see.

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