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Things Unseen

By pastorbillwalden

I am presently reading a book called “Things Unseen”, by Mark Buchanan. It’s a book about Heaven. It’s speaking to me like no other book has for quite some time.

So far in the book, Buchanan has been writing about the dissatisfaction that all people have with life. God made humans with a sense of eternity, and the temporal nature of life can never fill what only eternity can fill.

Read Romans 8:18-27, and then consider these words by Buchanan.

Romans 8:18-27;&version=50;

Buchanan- “The world is booby-trapped. It’s rigged for disappointment. On Earth, everything falls short of some hoped-for ideal. Everything good down here has a tragic brevity and a funny aftertaste to it. It all falls short, and shortly falls apart. None of it possesses any ultimacy.”

“In response, we can become so cynical that we poison ourselves, so self-indulgent that we devour ourselves, so despairing that we collapse into ourselves. In fact, pity and self-indulgence, boredom and despair, envy and greed-such are only yearning gone sour. They are just the greasy residue that remains after yearning has gone unfulfilled too many times. A sadness like ash settles on our doings and our desires. We find trinkets to fiddle with, trivia to distract us. A once burning zeal dwindles to a dry itch, and everything becomes a frantic attempt to get the passion back, or a plodding resignation to its death.”

The answer is, of course, drawing close to God, and realizing that there will always be a bit of this despair for “Things Unseen”, because we weren’t made just for Earth. We were made for heaven.