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How The SCOTUS Decision Affects Me

By pastorbillwalden

The Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) has decided that gay marriage should be allowed and supported in the United States.  The predicted vitriol has surfaced from both sides of the argument. I think that God hates vitriol, no matter where it comes from. Actually, maybe He hates it more from those who bear His name.

Some are saying that the SCOTUS decision doesn’t affect me as a Christian or as a pastor. They are wrong…it affects me greatly. Life in the United States has changed, and it affects everyone, whether they have thought it through or not.  The SCOTUS decision was a defining moment, and a pre-existing trajectory has been reaffirmed that I believe will bring negative results.

Simply put (according to what I believe) the Supreme Court of the United States has approved something that God disapproves of.  The country in which I live has yet again reminded me that I am a pilgrim and a sojourner. I already knew that, but I feel it more deeply today.

If I am wrong…if there is no God, or if He exists but doesn’t care, then I have worried needlessly and preached incorrectly.  But if what I believe is right, then the SCOTUS has acted in direct contradiction to the principles of God, and there will be negative consequences regarding their decision.

If there is a God, he is not mocked. If there is no God, then no worries, right?

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