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You’re Not A Hypocrite If…

By pastorbillwalden

As a pastor, I have many times heard Christians tell me that they feel like a hypocrite.  jessie-mask

That sentiment often results in them not wanting to come to church until they “quit being a hypocrite”.  They don’t feel like they can share the Gospel because they are “such a hypocrite”.  They could never serve God until they have victory over a certain sinful behavior, and “quit being such a hypocrite”.

And then there is the classic statement of many Unbelievers: “The Church is FULL of hypocrites”!  I say that it’s not! The greater percentage of hypocrites are outside of the Church.

Regarding hypocrisy, there is a great misunderstanding among many Christians, many of whom are the sweetest and most tenderhearted people in the Church.

The misunderstanding goes like this:
1. I am a Christian.
2. I know how a Christian should live.
3. I don’t always live that way.
4. Therefore, I am a hypocrite.

That line of thinking is a huge error that exists among many of God’s true children.

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Twisting The Scriptures

By pastorbillwalden

The Bible is an oft quoted book, but the sad truth is that many who quote it don’t understand it. They start from a premise, already having their minds made up about something. They then read the Scriptures, and twist God’s Word to fit their preconceived ideas. The result of this kind of thinking is erroneous.

Such was the case with some Sadducees that conversed with Jesus.

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Amazed But Unchanged

By pastorbillwalden

The Pharisees were some of Jesus’ biggest critics.  They were the supposed super elite of the religious community in Israel, and they were sure that Jesus was a blasphemer who was worthy of death.  They had personally challenged Jesus, but had been publicly corrected and refuted by Jesus.  This only served to further harden their hearts against Jesus, and so they sent their own disciples to question Jesus, hoping to trap Jesus in His words, that they might incriminate Him.

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