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Let God Fix It

By pastorbillwalden

Some thoughts for fellow followers of Jesus…  

The ten second sound bite version of what I am writing is this: If you blew it, and have a mess on your hands, let God fix it.  You thought you could be in control and do things your own way, and now you have a mess. In your flesh, you made a mess.  What makes you think that in your flesh, you can fix it?  Better to walk in the Spirit like you should have to begin with.  Walk in the Spirit, and let God fix it.

The longer version of the same story line is as follows…
Sin is a nasty thing.  It promises much, and delivers little.  The consequences are always bigger than the gratification.  It never seems as bad as it really is…until later.

We get used to sinning.  We minimize it.  We get de-sensitized to it.  We agree in our heads that something is wrong, but we do it anyway, intending to stop.

There are sins of commission: we do things that we know are wrong.
There are sins of omission: we don’t do things we know that we should.

The sin in a Christian’s life can run the gamut of not reading your Bible (dumb…you need God’s Word, heart, and direction) to something much more obvious, like substance abuse or sexual immorality.  We can be committing little sins, like being disagreeable, or we can be committing bigger sins, such as being violent and a striker.  A sin of omission might be that you don’t think that church attendance is important, and eventually find yourself isolated, alone, unchallenged, un-encouraged, etc.  There are numerous examples of sins of commission and omission.

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How We View Others

By pastorbillwalden

God’s evaluation of a man is altogether different than man’s evaluation of man.  Religious people habitually look upon the appearance of a man and determine his degree of holiness.  They listen to his words and decide if he meets their standard of godliness.  We easily and often evaluate another’s standing with God based upon a standard of godliness that we ourselves have invented.

Such was the case with the Pharisees in Jesus’ day.  They had taken the commandments of God and misinterpreted them to such a degree that they exalted their own traditions, while in actuality, they broke God’s Law.

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The Danger Of Presumption

By pastorbillwalden

How Some View The Issue

How Some View The Issue

Editor’s note- If you accidentally found this blog site, please read the full article and don’t “size me up” by just glancing at the title and image.  Thanks.

“Presumption” is defined as follows:

“An assumption, often not fully established, that is taken for granted in some piece of reasoning; unwarrantable, unbecoming, or impertinent boldness.” (according to

Presumption leads to making conclusions that may or may not be true. I was reminded of that first hand this last Saturday.

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