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When The Words Don’t Come

By pastorbillwalden

With the advent of the internet, blogging, and social networking, much of humanity now has the ability to share their thoughts and feelings almost instantly.  That is not news to most of us. 

On a humorous and slightly sarcastic note, someone wrote, “Just because you have an internet connection doesn’t mean that you have anything important to say”.   I suppose “important” is in the mind of the writer, and not always the reader.  I’ll leave that statement alone.

I find myself in a season of life where the words are not coming easily or clearly.  There are different kinds of concerns on different fronts.  There is instability from the human perspective.  I am wondering about the future of certain people and not sure what to think or say.

I am purposely not going into details to try to explain things, because sometimes the words just don’t come.  I am learning not to be bothered by that. If you know me, you may know some of what I am talking about, but I am not really looking for people to understand me.  Please don’t feel that you need to respond.

It is a strange sensation for us humans to feel things very deeply, but not be able to clearly understand those feelings, or be able to communicate them.  If we are fortunate enough to gain some clarity of thought, we then have the challenge of trying to express clearly what we are thinking, and then having the right person to share those thoughts with.

When we are struggling with the issues of life, though there can be people that are sympathetic, some dear people actually make life a bit harder for us.  They try too hard to fix things.  They give off the cuff advice without thinking.  They offer up a quick “prayer of faith” that is more confusing than healing.  We can appreciate such intentions, but sometimes we find that we avoid such help.

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Sexual Sin: Call It What It Is

By pastorbillwalden

(Editor’s note) I’ll be writing on this topic for a while.  This will be the first of a few articles.

I may make a few enemies by sharing my thoughts on what many are calling “sexual addictions”. It is a very difficult subject to address for many reasons.  A lot of shame is connected with the topic of sexual sin, and men are very reluctant to bring up the topic.  Wives aren’t thrilled about it either.  A great degree of “disgust” is associated with this sin.  I certainly don’t mean to talk down to anyone, be unsympathetic, or unloving, but I am concerned about the mindset of many Christians regarding what is being called “sexual addiction”.

Also, some may think me too simplistic in my approach, and that I don’t understand the complexities of those who struggle with sexual sin.  I do not claim to know of every psychological viewpoint concerning this issue, or of every emotional profile described by the “experts”.  I do however, know and believe what the Bible says about it.  I trust that God can and will work out the “complexities” in every heart that will surrender to Him. 

The descriptions many Christians use concerns me.  I am hearing the phrases “sexual addiction”, or, “addicted to porn” used very often.  I am still trying to understand why these terms are being used. Read more »



The Blessings "After"

By pastorbillwalden

Genesis 13:14 And the LORD said to Abram, after Lot had separated from him…

By faith, Abraham had responded to the call of God, and left his homeland. God promised Abraham many blessings. (See Genesis 12:1-3, 7) You might say that Abraham was in an expectant frame of mind. After all, God had promised him much. It would have been easy for him to be expecting much for himself.

Abraham and his nephew Lot were traveling and living together, and God had blessed them both. They had both prospered, so much so that the land was not able to support their flocks and servants. There was a lack of supply for the demands that their increasing flocks had. Abraham took the lead in finding a solution.

He suggested that they separate, in order to avoid further strife. It wasn’t a matter of jealousy or competition between them. The land was simply unable to support them both, and it became a matter of logistics, and Abraham’s desire to live in peace.

Abraham gave Lot first choice about which portion of land he would prefer. Though having received promises that the land would be his, and besides the fact that he was the elder relative, Abraham gave Lot first choice regarding where he wanted to live. Abraham settled for second choice. He took what was left over. Abraham’s solution started with him being second.

It was then that God repeated his promise to Abraham, and even increased the revelation of the promise, giving more detailed revelation and instruction. (Genesis 13:14-18).

What is the point of all of this?

Abraham took second place to his younger nephew. He took second place though the promise of the land had been given to him. He did not demand his rights, or claim superiority by reminding Lot that the promise of the land was to him, not to Lot.

What was the result of this? “And the LORD said to Abram, after Lot had separated from him…”

Further revelation and direction came after Abraham denied himself the position that was rightly his.

What promises has God given to you? What God given rights do you have? What God given respect ought to be given to you? I would say that God has given all of us promises, rights, and the desire for respect.

And yet…is your desire to live in peace with those around you, or to have your God given rights? Abraham chose peace over his rights. What was the result? An additional revelation from God. God once again reminded Abraham of His promise to Abraham, and then told Abraham to begin to “see” the land, walk the land, envision the promise, to prepare for what God would give him.

Self denial brought revelation and instruction, which further bolstered Abraham’s faith. Abraham gave up the lesser (the plains of Sodom) for the greater (the revelation of God).

In the end, Lot’s choice cost him much. Abraham’s self denial brought him much.

Jesus chose to pursue peace instead of His rights.

“The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5)

There are great blessings that follow “after” we do what Jesus would do.

Follow Jesus, and know that an “after” will come to you.