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Blessed One Liners: Part 3

By pastorbillwalden

“I don’t have a life like other people”.
Don McClure
(Regarding the Apostle Paul and his suffering:)

“Humility comes from being in God’s presence”.
Daniel Fusco

“Believing was more important than living”.
Don McClure
(Re. the apostles and the dangers in their lives)

“It takes a crucified man to preach a crucified Christ”.
Don McClure

“What you are is ultimately what you will preach”.
Don McClure

(Editor’s note)- For more Blessed One Liners, check the archives for December 10 & 11, 2007.

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Blessed One Liners

By pastorbillwalden

Over the years, I have had my Bible re-covered twice. Not recovered as in it was lost, but re-covered as in it was falling apart. I bought it in 1989, while on staff at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa. It is a wide margin, New King James Thomas Nelson Bible, with no editor’s notes. I love the wide margins, because I have been able to use this Bible almost like a journal, a commentary, and a handy guide to “preach a sermon right now”. It has comments, word definitions, and sermon outlines written throughout the wide side margins. They don’t make this Bible any more. It is a treasure to me.

Inside the front cover, I have my “One Liners Hall Of Fame”. It is a collection of great one liners that have blessed me for the last 18 years. The “dated” quotes are attributed to the names given, but the speakers may have been quoting someone else.

I wanted to share a few of these “one liners” with you all. Some of the quotes are longer than one line, but that would have messed up the title of this post. (grin) There will be future installments posted.

“We choose and hope. God chooses and waits”.
Chuck Smith, 6-28-1990

“The process is as wonderful as the product”.
Don McCLure, 9-10-96

“Read yourself full, think yourself clear, pray yourself hot, let yourself go”.
Alan Redpath

“Conscious repentance brings unconscious holiness”.
Oswald Chambers

“It takes a steady hand to hold a full cup”.
Greg Laurie. 6-4-2002

I think all those quotes are worthy of some meditation.

Be blessed as we head into the blessed Christmas season.