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Truth Is Better Than Fiction

By pastorbillwalden

Here’s a link to a true story that happens to be part of the inspiration behind the new Rambo movie.

I am not advocating seeing the movie, but it’s nice to know that some Kingdom work is being recognized, at least according to this article.

In fact, the movie is rated “R” because of lots of violence. Be forewarned. I am blessed enough to know the inspiration behind the movie was a local Nor Cal brother in Christ.

According to the newspaper article, Pastor Joe Tuccinardi is doing some awesome work for the Lord in Burma.

Praise the Lord.

Take some time and read the article. It was inspiring to me.

Editor’s Note- Since originally posting this, the link changed, and the story can’t be found. I’ll keep checking. It’s a shame, it was a good interview. 🙁

New Editor’s Note- I found a blog that shares the story about Pastor Joe. It quotes the newspaper article.  Here’s the link.