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Defense Against Defeat

By pastorbillwalden

The following is an excerpt from a sermon given by Pastor Ray Stedman, Penninsula Bible Church, December 12, 1965.  Ray is now with Jesus.  The entire sermon can be read here.

Ray Stedman

Ray Stedman


But the helmet (of salvation) is designed for the head, for the intelligence, the mind. If we follow through consistently in our application of these pieces, we will discover that this is something Christ is doing in us, and through us, in the world. This helmet can keep our thinking straight and preserve us from mental confusion and darkness. Stop a minute here. I would like to ask you this: As you look at the world in which we are living, is there anything more desperately needed than this? Is there anything which could possibly be more relevant to the situation in which we find ourselves than this factor which will keep us thinking straight? Was there ever a time when men were more frankly bewildered than they are in our day, or when statesmen were more openly confused and honestly admitting it? The intelligentsia confess being utterly baffled in dealing with the problems with which human society is confronted.

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