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180 The Movie

By pastorbillwalden

Dear friends….please take 33 minutes to watch this documentary video.  

It is upsetting, shocking, and compelling, but it brings forth some facts and asks some questions that need to be considered.



Social Activism Versus Discpleship

By pastorbillwalden

There are many that perhaps rightly criticize the Church of not being socially active in the past generation. I will not argue with that.

The current knee jerk reaction seems to be an inappropriate push towards social activism, but with precious little concern for discipleship, personal holiness, commitment to Jesus, etc.

In fact, the Church has become to some, simply a people resource. A place to mobilize bodies, to gain signatures, and to use for causes, rather than an entity to commit to as a family and a Body.

The pendulum has again swung, and it always swings too far.

I am not criticizing social activism. I am criticizing the over emphasis of it by those who name the name of Christ.

Jesus said that “every good tree bears good fruit”. Social activism ought to be the fruit of a Christian’s life, but it is not the tree. Jesus is the tree, and the fruit comes forth from the tree.

May we be careful to not do the “good thing” while we miss the “best thing”.

Doing “good things” is much easier than “laying down your life and picking up your cross”.

Let’s serve people, but may it flow out of intimacy with Jesus.