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Sunday Morning Questions: 10/21/2012

By pastorbillwalden

On Sunday mornings, I do my best to answer questions from our congregation.  Today, I didn’t realize that the questions were sent to my email account, and that I was supposed to retrieve them on my phone.  I realized my mistake after our service was over.  Here are some of the questions and answers.

Our text this morning was Romans 7:1-6, and the question came forth based on that passage.

So if we are dead to the law, what law(s) do we live by as Christians?

The Christian’s relationship to the law changes in that we don’t try to approach God by our performance in keeping the Law.  The Law is holy, just, and good,  (Romans 7:12) but it doesn’t empower us to obey it, and then condemns us when we fail.  We approach God through Jesus, who died for our sins, took our punishment, and His righteousness is imputed to us.

Our relationship to the Law now exists in this way:  The Spirit of God inspires us to keep God’s Law.  The Law is God’s Law, his commandments to us are still holy, just and good.  The work of the Spirit inspires us and empowers us to both desire to obey God’s Law, and to keep God’s Law.  The Law is still good, and so by God’s Spirit, we seek to obey it in a fresh way….by God’s power and as he causes us to want to obey. Read more »