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Love The Bride

By pastorbillwalden

I really like talking about my wife. She is my best friend, confidant, and most trusted counselor. She sees me at my best, and more importantly, at my worst. It is very important that she sees me at my worst, because that shows me how unconditional her love for me is. Unconditional love not only sustains a man, but also can heal a man. God knows that I have needed a lot of healing over these years, and my wife has been a faithful conduit of God’s love to me.

I am very defensive of my wife. Not that she needs it. She really doesn’t do anything to get on people’s bad side, but take notice, all you potential troublers of my wife: If you trouble my wife, we are going to have a talk!

The Bible declares that the husband and wife are one flesh. The Apostle Paul says that that is a mystery. Then Paul goes even further and says, “But I speak concerning Christ and the church”.

Just as surely as a husband and wife are one, Jesus is one with His church, the Body of Christ, composed of all who have Christ in their hearts.

That truth has helped me a lot about my view of the Church, the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ.

There have been times that the Bride of Christ has bothered me. She doesn’t do things the way I like. Sometimes She hurts me, ignores me, and doesn’t appreciate me. Sometimes the She hurts herself, and in my opinion, deserves to suffer without any consolation from me. In fact, sometimes I am glad about Her suffering for doing the stupid things that She does.

In my mind, I always knew She was off base, sinful, carnal, lazy, opinionated, and selfish. She walked in the flesh, and now She has to suffer the consequences, and I am glad for it. In fact, sometimes I take great pleasure in watching God discipline His Bride.

Then it hits me…wait a minute…I am the Bride of Christ…I have done all of those things…I have suffered for my actions and attitudes…I have brought pain to Jesus, because he is one with me…and He has never rejoiced over my suffering. Jesus has never been hard hearted against me. He has never rejoiced in my iniquity, or the consequences that that iniquity brought. He has been broken hearted over my sins, and has longed to draw me back, and heal me.

I am the Bride of Christ. If you are a Christian, you are the Bride of Christ. We are one with Him. So are those ones who are His, but who for the moment, are hurting themselves and sowing to the flesh. Sometimes the Bride ignores her Bridegroom, always to Her own hurt. We should be sad about that.

If my wife was hurting herself or hurting me, and you rejoiced over it, how do you think I would feel about your joy? How does Jesus feel when His bride hurts Herself or Him?

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus: Let’s have a correct view of the Church, the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ. Let’s embrace what Jesus embraces. Let’s sorrow over what He sorrows over. Let’s pray as he prays, and forgive as He forgives. Don’t hurt the Bridegroom by how you treat His Bride, but rather, bless His heart as you bless His Bride.