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“La Estancia” Completed

By pastorbillwalden

Our documentary is now viewable online. La Estancia is a story of three migrant workers families. Music by the Gutierrez Brothers.

You can view it by clicking the link below.



La Estancia: “The Stay”

By pastorbillwalden

In the summer of 2010, I traveled to South Baja with Laura Vitale, Rita Smith, Rick Darge, and Fletcher Allision to film a documentary on the lives of migrant farm workers.

The goal was to hear their stories, and communicate them to you.  

Many Mexican migrant farm workers travel from south Mexico up to the Baja Peninsula, hoping for a better life. Many of them begin to work in the fields, and choose to live in the migrant worker camps, often times having no other options.

Some of the camps are very accommodating, others are not.  Some of the workers are able to make enough of a living to obtain their own home, etc.  Others never seem to break free from the worker camp, and they become part of a system that keeps them working, but leads to a very challenging life in many cases.

Often older children (10-12 years old) are left at home to care for 4-5 younger siblings, while both parents work in the fields.  When a child is old enough to work, (12-14 year old and younger) the next oldest sibling becomes the babysitter.  Many of the the kids don’t go to school, and the cycle of working hard manual labor jobs repeats itself from parents to children.

One of the ministries of Capilla Calvario de Vizcaino ( the church we planted and support) is to pick up families and bring them to church.  We have a school bus, and we pick the families up and bring them to church. The migrant workers do not own cars, and they are happy to be able to attend church, and be a part of something uplifting and edifying.

Another ministry of CCV and La Posada, Vizcaino (the missions base) is to feed needy families and provide for their physical needs.  “Project Rice & Beans” is a ministry out of Cornerstone Napa which has helped feed many families.  The needs in South Baja are endless.

We are pleased to present this short video documentary as a way to share the plight of many Mexican migrant farm workers who are simply trying to eke out a living under some very tough conditions.

We are also pleased to announce that “La Estancia” has been included in the 2011 Napa Valley Film Festival.  Information can be found on the La Estancia website, listed below.

Gracias por todo, y que dios te bendiga….Bill Walden




Niños Con Cámaras

By pastorbillwalden

Niños Con Cámaras (Kids With Cameras) is a spiritual and humanitarian ministry to the migrant workers in the region of Vizcaino, South Baja, Mexico. 

Disposable cameras are given to kids, who then photograph their world the way they see it.  The images are developed in the U.S., and turned into photographs that are sold.  100% of the proceeds are used to buy rice and beans for the families of the kids.

The kids learn to express themselves through the medium of photography.  They images are taken back to them in small photo albums.  They also get to contribute to assisting their families with basic needs.

Food stuffs are distributed to families as funds are available.

Besides sharing God’s Word with these people, we desire to see some of their basic needs met.

Here is a video about Niños Con Cámaras.

Check out the website: click here
Check out our facebook page:click here
Please consider purchasing an image, and support some needy folks in South Baja, Mexico.

For those of you who receive Calvary Chapel Magazine, look for us in the next issue.




Mexico Madness

By pastorbillwalden

I never have been into “March Madness”, the college basketball tournaments, etc.

I have always preferred the NBA.  Except for the Lakers.  🙂

But better than both of those is Mexico Madness in March.  Cornerstone is heading down with a group of 16 people, to do construction, humanitarian aid, and some sightseeing and fishing, if we get our work done.

We’ll be doing plumbing, electrical, wood framing, and cabinet installation.

On Friday, I’ll be meeting with a group of Mexican national pastors to discuss plans for our Pastor’s conference in October, as well as joining Capilla Calvario Vizcaino for their midweek service.

If you aren’t aware of our work in Mexico, visit our missions website at

Take some time and check out our site there.

And oh, yes…we might try to force down a few fish tacos.  🙂

Blessings all…



Update Video On Mexico

By pastorbillwalden

Pastor Sam Scotti recently joined us at our Leadership Conference in Vizcaino.

Here is a link to a video that he put together regarding the conference.

Thanks Sam.



Week 6 In Mexico

By pastorbillwalden

I have enjoyed a lot of time in Mexico this year.

This will be my 6th week for 2008.  This should wrap it up for the year, but you never know when a serious authentic taco urge might overwhelm me.  🙂

We leave Sunday for our 5th Annual Leadership Conference in Vizcaino, Baja Sur (South), Mexico. Mexican pastors and leaders from all denominations gather together to be blessed (hopefully) as we share worship and the Word of God.  Some of the brothers travel as far as 8 hours to be able to join us, as there are not many such conferences offered in South Baja.  This year, we will be teaching verse by verse through Philippians. Read more »