Jeff & Karen Stewart

By pastorbillwalden

Jeff Stewart is the Senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Pomona. I have known Jeff about six years, and we are friends. He has been part of the group of pastors that have helped to serve and minister to the people and church leaders down in Vizcaino.

Jeff has had kidney failure going on for quite some time. In hoping to give Jeff a kidney, his wife Karen went through a series of tests to determine if she was a good match. Through that testing, doctors discovered that Karen has lung cancer. Karen has never been a smoker, and this is rare.

One of Jeff’s elders donated a kidney last week, and both Jeff and Matt are doing well.

Karen still has a battle in front of her.

A CBS affiliate has done a short video story on Jeff and Karen. There is also some talk that they may be invited to share their story on the Dr. Phil show.

Please keep Jeff and Karen and their children in your prayers.

Here’s a link to their video interview.

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I just say the Clip on Pastor Ryans blog, and I am praying for Karen and Jeff, I have a brother in law who is on the waiting list for a kidney. Please pray for him as well.

oops Should of read I just saw the clip

Lord, I pray that you have allowed this unfortunately incredible situation to draw others to you.
I pray that this couple can be a light in the darkness and use their testimony to draw many others to Christ.
I pray you heal Jeff and miraculously heal Karen, so that this healing can glorify You and bring others to faith.
We don’t see too many present day miracles, but Lord I pray you do a miracle and heal Karen. I know you can do this. We ask that You do this. This situation is too ironic for You not to show up in a big way as only You can Lord.
There are so many who need you Lord. In these end times .
Give them Your peace and help them. Protect them.
Please display your marvelous work in these believer’s lives through the power of their words, their faith and their hope in You.
Please use this Lord to Your glory and Your glory alone.
In the name of our Lord Yeshua,

Lord, I also ask you to keep their precious children close to you.
Please give them comfort and strength.
Minister to them as only You can.
Let them not lose heart but come to know You in a deeper way.

I am praying for Jeff and Karen…

I love the way God works, He used Jeff’s Kidney failure to so that the doctors could discover his wifes lung cancer, if he had not had Kidney failure they may not have discovered the lung cancer until it was to late. Amazing to me.

Karen went to be with the Lord today.

Thanks Anna….
All who read here, please do pray for Jeff and his three children. They have a tremendous church body at CC Pomona Valley, and Jeff has many faithful and supportive friends.

I have been trying to make contact with Jeff Stewart for years with no success. If someone knows his contact info and would pass mine along to him, it would be a blessing to reach him. 913/515-7585 Melodee Reigel

Jeff passed away a few years ago.

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