By pastorbillwalden

For years I have been writing music.  Some of the worship songs I have written have been sung at our church, and that has been a blessing for me.

Since I have been pastoring for the last 20 years, music has been on the back burner most of the time, but I have always had a love for writing songs.

I have finally decided to jettison all other hobbies and focus on writing and recording my music.  I am only a novice at writing, playing, recording, and singing, but I have it in me, and I am going to try to share as much of my music as I can, as time allows.

So official consider yourself invited to visit my new web site which is dedicated to my music.  There you will eventually find old and new worship songs, some rock and pop tunes, and whatever else may spill out.

Click on to find the site.


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birthday blessings … this is a great way to celebrate!

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