An Objective Look At The Kony 2012 Situation

By pastorbillwalden

A video about Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, has gone viral.  As of this writing, it has had 46+ million views on youtube. It is an emotionally moving and shocking video, and speaks of great injustices that have been committed in Uganda. 

The video can be seen here. It is entitled KONY 2012, and is produced by an organization called Invisible Children.  In this video, IC suggests ways to help stop the crimes against humanity committed by Joseph Kony.

There are some who are concerned not only about the situation in Africa, but about ways to help correct the situation.  They disagree with IC about some key issues.  For the purposes of sharing an objective viewpoint, I am listing other links of what some are suggesting are better and more responsible and productive ways of helping.

Here are some alternate links. They disagree with the methods and principles of the Invisible Children organization, but they heartily agree that there is a huge problem, and suggest ways that you can help.

Elizabeth Flock, Washington Post

International Business World

Joe Boyd

The linked articles disagree strongly with Invisible Children.  My point isn’t to decide who is right or wrong, but to share with you, the reader, that there are many options when helping people.  We want our monies to go where they are needed, and we need to do our best to research organizations.

May God bless you as you seek to do good both locally and globally.

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