Take The High Road

By pastorbillwalden

There are a lot of people complaining these days.  The lightning rods are the gay lifestyle, politics, the church, etc.  Lots of people are mad.  I get that.  I’m mad about some things too.  

That being so…Christians are called to take the high road.  To love your enemies…to bless those who hurt you…..to pray for those who have been taken captive by Satan, to do his will.

We are to seek first the Kingdom of God, not a bandwagon to jump on to.  We are to season our speech with grace, not mocking and cursings.  We are to care more for people’s souls than for the environmental or animal rights.

A lot of Christians are taking cheap shots at people via social networking.  I see mocking and humiliating things said.  Yeah, I get it.  OK, you are clever.  Sure, I feel the same way.

But when did it become OK to vent your frustrations via cheap shots, cursings, mocking, and disrespect.  If you are a Christian, are you telling me that’s all OK.?  Come on…really?

Please don’t tell me about how Jesus got mad, made a whip, and then drove out the money changers.  I know that story.  He was without sin.  How about you?  Be angry, but sin not.

Paul got mad and said that some people ought to esmasculate themselves, but that was over the Gospel message, and the salvation of souls.  I have a feeling that some among us are more concerned with the economy than with the souls of people.  What is your priority?

We are not furthering the cause of Christ when we sling mud.  We serve ourselves and the Devil when we accuse, exaggerate, and denigrate.  When we do such things, we look nothing like Jesus.

Yeah….I’m mad.  I am mad when people mock Jesus and the Bible.  I am mad at the economic and moral state of our country.  I no longer trust our style of government, or the leaders of our country. (I did vote).  I get angry when those who have named the name of Jesus now mock him, but I am also sad.

Brethren…having extreme emotions doesn’t mean we have the right to sin with our words.  We are not to be governed by our emotions.

Having the ability to “share” someone’s clever sarcastic picture and quote doesn’t require any depth of character.  Having the ability to restrain yourself, to pray, and to speak with intelligence and grace is the sign of a life of integrity.

Call this a rant if you want…but whatever you think….take the high road and glorify Jesus,


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May God give us His wisdom to see His straight and narrow path that leads us to His higher road –

-because it’s so easy to get caught up in emotional responses and indulge in wrong thinking that is unproductive for the kingdom of God and His righteousness…

-thank you so much for helping us stay centered in Christ and His Will

-makes me think of Pilgram’s Progress and Christian’s journey – and what happened to him when he got off his path and the damage it caused –

Blessings to you

Thank you, Bill. That is a timely word.

Thank you this is something i need to be reminded of from time to time

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