The Secret Pain of Pastors

By pastorbillwalden

I used to never want to post articles that covered the material that follows.  I was fearful that people would think that I was complaining  or wanted sympathy.   

The Apostle Paul spoke candidly about his challenges, sufferings, and difficulties.  He did so to further the Gospel. It is in that spirit that I post this link.

I complain to God, my wife, and a few friends.  I don’t want sympathy…I love being a pastor. But for the sake of whoever this might help…please read.  Blessings.

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The Lord knows He wants to constantly fill us He wants us to take refuge in HIM But the distractions, the family, the wife, the body, the you can name so many other things that will try to keep our focus off of HIM

Lord help me use me fill me love me

You are faithful

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